Approach to Nibbāna: A 6-month Course for Dharma Teachers

IMCW is committed to supporting the depth of study and practice that is essential for a robust dharma teaching community. To that end, the IMCW Teacher Development Committee recommends this six-month course, led by Ayya Dhammadīpā, founder of the Dassanāya Buddhist Community in Alexandria, Va. We recognize the depth of Ayya’s monastic practice and wisdom, and believe this course will be of great value to dharma teachers who wish to deepen their own understanding of this foundational teaching and help guide others on the path.

The full course will run from May to October 2022, and consists of a multi-day retreat at the beginning and the end, with monthly in-person sessions (in Alexandria, Virginia), and monthly virtual meetings with the full cohort of participants.

The course is open to all teachers of Buddhadharma, both from IMCW and other communities. IMCW will cover retreat costs for members of the IMCW Teachers Council. All dana offerings to Ayya and the Dassanāya Community will be provided by participants. Please offer any support for the course by offering dana to the Dassanāya Buddhist Community here.

For a full course description and to apply for the course, please visit the Dassanāya Buddhist Community website. Applications will be reviewed by the Dassanāya Buddhist Community and you will be notified regarding acceptance.

You can learn more about Ayya Dhammadīpā’s path in this video:

Listen to her view on Ethics and the Dhamma here:

Practice with her in this guided meditation here: