Support BIPOC Meditation Teachers for Jails and Shelters in the DMV

Insight on the Inside (IOI), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, trains volunteers to facilitate evidence-based mindfulness classes in jails and shelters. For the past fourteen years, IOI’s volunteers have worked with thousands of people who are incarcerated, returning to the community from incarceration, or transitioning from homelessness.

This BIPOC Fellowship Program will help us adequately compensate people with the lived experience of homelessness and incarceration to teach, serve on IOI’s board, assist in volunteer teacher training, and enhance IOI’s teaching curriculum. The Fellows’ lived experience infuses the mission of IOI with their knowledge and authenticity for the potentially transformative practices of mindfulness.

As current Fellow Collie Levar Long (Shaka) says:
“Coming from me, another person of color, it’s more beneficial, more impactful, more readily accepted by a person [who has] my experience… I understand where they come from because I’ve been where they’ve been.”

This effort is possible only with your financial support!

For more information about IOI’s Fellowship Program and how you can be of support, please contact Carolyn Stachowski, Program Director: