Manager Questions & FAQ​

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Where can I find my group assignment? Please look up your name and then look up your group # on the Retreat Dashboard
How can I contact my group members? There will be an opportunity to exchange info during the closing ceremony breakout.
Where do I find the “Supplemental Resources, Teacher Sharings and Recordings“? Please check on the dashboard and follow the Supplemental Resources link there (when provided).

There are also links to the recordings and information about how long these are available.
Whats the best way to handle family members, roommates, pets, etc. during the retreat? You may take care of yourself in whatever way helps you during this retreat. Here are some useful guidelines:
Home Retreat Guidelines
Preparing for Retreat tips
During the Retreat
Will MMTCP attendance be tracked? We do not track attendance for MMTCP, but please keep a record of the required 5 daily sessions using the tracking sheets we sent to MMTCP students or your own notes. You can then use this information to complete the Self-Reflection at the end of the retreat.
What do I do if there is a time change during the retreat? USA clocks “fall back” and “spring forward”, so please use the worldtimebuddy app.
What are the optional affinity group sits? Are they the same as affinity-based group meetings? Affinity silent sits and affinity-based group meetings are 2 different things. Group meeting assignments are only for the individuals listed and these meetings have sharing and listening components. Affinity sits (when offered) are silent and are open to all with that affinity (not allies). Some affinity sits do overlap with group meetings but please prioritize your group meeting!
Is there a list of Buddhist definitions and terms? Here is a good list from IMC:
How can I ask the teacher a question? There are a couple of options:
1. Ask during your small group meeting.
2. Ask at the end of the morning Guided Instruction and Q&A session.
3. Send the manager your note via the private email address below.
I want to make sure I’m completing my MMTCP requirement. The goal for MMTCP is 5 sessions per day with 2 silent sits and then also your group meetings. As long as you are doing these and keeping track then you should be fine. If you need more support you may send a note using the email address below.
Where can we learn more about MMTCP? Please check out our webpage about MMTCP and follow the links there.
Where can I learn more about RAIN? Tara Brach has this resource:

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