Please join us in supporting Mindful of Race

The Insight Meditation Community of Washington is proud to be the fiscal sponsor of the Mindful of Race Institute in service to our shared mission and vision. The Mindful of Race Institute, LLC, was founded by Ruth King to support leaders, facilitators, artists, activists, and others seeking to engage in the inner work of racial healing and relational wellbeing. Our sponsorship serves to support programs such as Brave Space, a racial affinity group development program, and Mindful of Race 101, by accepting donations that support scholarships as well as programming under our 501c3 status.

Donate to the Institute

If you would like to support the Mindful of Race Institute with a one-time or recurring payment, we welcome your donation toward our general operations and scholarship programs. Your financial support helps make it possible for us to offer our teachings as widely as possible. Thank you for your consideration and generosity toward our movement to transform racism from the inside out!


If you would like to donate by check, please send it to IMCW, P.O. Box 3, Cabin John, MD 20818