MMTCP Retreat Info ​

Information for MMTCP Students Seeking a Qualifying Retreat

This page is provided for MMTCP applicants, new incoming MMTCP students, or MMTCP students currently enrolled in Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach’s Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program (MMTCP) who will be participating in this retreat to receive credit as a “qualifying retreat” as a pre-requisite for their initial MMTCP application. If you are not in the MMTCP program or are not participating to receive retreat credit, this information is not applicable. IMCW is not affiliated with MMTCP and any questions about that program should be addressed to Sounds True.

  1. Additional Registration Fee: MMTCP students needing a qualifying retreat will need to pay an extra $50 fee to cover the administrative costs for supporting students and certifying their attendance to Sounds True, which can be selected in the registration form during registration for the lottery. This fee does not apply to MMTCP graduates/teachers/alumni who are not attending for qualification.
  2. MMTCP Student Agreement: Once confirmed into the retreat, you will need to read, understand, and complete the MMTCP Student Agreement (sample here).
  3. Attendance: Once confirmed into the retreat you will need to follow these guidelines:
    • MMTCP must be present for the full duration of the retreat in accordance with the MMTCP Student Agreement for at least 5 formal practice sessions per day including some combination of talks, guided/instructional meditations, Q&A periods, silent meditations, and small group/individual teacher meetings. Included in this number must be at least 2 silent sits of 30-45 minutes each every day, and at least 2 small group or individual teacher meetings over the course of the retreat.
    • It is also recommended for you to have your camera on, attend all of the retreat sessions, and create a continuity of practice during the retreat, including the time between sessions
    • Please keep a record of your attendance as we will ask you at the end of the retreat to self-report that you have attended the required sessions.
  4. Teacher Meetings: Once confirmed into the retreat please complete a Teacher Meeting questionnaire.
    • You will be assigned to one Teacher Meeting group that will meet 2 or 3 times during the retreat. MMTCP students are required to attend at least 2 assigned Teacher Meetings and on the days these are scheduled for you, they count towards your 5 total sessions for that day.
  5. Optional Sits: Once confirmed into the retreat you may also attend these optional sits:
    • MMTCP students should attend both the Orientation for MMTCP Qualifying Retreat Participants and Closing Session for MMTCP Qualifying Retreat Participants, and any other appropriate optional sessions, when offered, such as Affinity Silent Sits (for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, People with Dis/Abilities and Deaf People). The Affinity Silent Sits can be counted toward your 5 total sessions for the days you attend them.

If an MMTCP student attendee misses any of their required sessions, they are responsible for communicating the absence as soon as possible to the MMTCP coordinator.