“I want to create music and experiences for people to understand that it’s ok to be who you are. You are enough.”

Ofosu (stage name Born I) is an IMCW treasure. Both a decorated hip hop artist and cherished meditation teacher, his music is practice and his presence is teaching. He recently released his second album AMIDA and approached us with an extraordinary gift borne of his own generosity and gratitude for IMCW and the many practitioners he has touched.

One day, deep in the meditative flow of creativity in his studio working on AMIDA, he invited a video crew to capture the moment. The result is lightly-produced, intimate, vulnerable and profound. Ofosu tells us he plans to release this to the public at some point, but for now, he’s reserving this video for his closest Dharma friends, like you.

Why? Because your practice will let you see what others can’t. That it is Buddha behind that mic, and Ofosu is nowhere to be found.