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Mindfulness Online: What it is Like to Participate in Retreats, Workshops, Courses and Classes via Video Conference

As we settle into an extended season of protecting ourselves from the covid-19 virus, many of the gatherings we would have engaged in are shut down. For now, we cannot meet in person for any of the IMCW programs we formerly attended: retreats, workshops, courses, classes, sanghas, and Spiritual Friends groups.

Fortunately, online versions are available for many of these programs, and are becoming more and more available. While initially there may be aversion to retreats and workshops offered via video conference, as we engage in them we find many benefits to the new medium as well as ways to work through the challenges we encounter.

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What Is Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)?

The first thing to know is that the word “stress” in the workshop’s title is simply a modern and more secular way of referring to the word “suffering” as it appears in the Buddhist teachings. This long title (and the workshop itself) was created 35 years ago by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, who at the time of its origin was a molecular biologist at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, and a long-time practitioner of Vipassana meditation….

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What to Expect at a Meditation Class

Create a space in your life for regular mediation practice. IMCW offers Insight meditation classes weekly, biweekly or monthly by over 50 IMCW teachers in D.C., Maryland and northern Virginia to support your practice.

IMCW welcomes people from all walks of life. The IMCW sangha (community) is about working to create a Buddhist life of belonging, safety, and generosity towards each other—it’s about having a spiritual home.

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