Schedule - Fall 2022​

Main Sessions, Teacher Meeting Groups and Optional Sits

The rhythm of this retreat will feel very familiar to those of you who have been on a silent retreat before (noble silence info here), with sitting, walking, and guided sessions as well as dharma talks. This is a hybrid in-person or online retreat. Once everyone is fully confirmed into the retreat, you will receive a Next Steps email for access to the retreat.  Please find more information about this retreat by reading through these web pages: 

  1. Here is an overview of the Main Meditation Hall Sessions:
    • Our first day together with the Opening Ceremony.
    • Main daily sessions such as Guided Instruction, Sitting and Walking Meditation, Mindful Movement, Guided Heart Meditation and the Dharma Talk.
    • Our final day together will close the retreat with a variety of reintegration talks and sits during the Closing Ceremonies.
  2. You will automatically be assigned to two or three Teacher Meeting groups and your group assignment will be available once everyone is confirmed into the retreat.
    • Group assignments may be based on any affinity/identification selected during registration. You will be in a group of 8-9 yogis who will meet together 2 or 3 times during the retreat with 2 or 3 different teachers or assisting teachers. You will also need to complete a Teacher Meeting questionnaire.
  3. Here is an overview of the requirements for new MMTCP students
    • MMTCP students needing a qualifying retreat will need to read the MMTCP Retreat Info here and complete the MMTCP Student Agreement and attend both the Orientation for MMTCP Qualifying Retreat Participants and Closing Session for MMTCP Qualifying Retreat Participants. MMTCP must be present for the full duration of the retreat in accordance with the MMTCP Student Agreement for at least 5 formal practice sessions per day including some combination of talks, guided/instructional meditations, Q&A periods, silent meditations, guided mindful movement, and small group/individual teacher meetings. Included in this number must be at least 2 silent sits of 30-45 minutes each every day, and at least 2 small group or individual teacher meetings over the course of the retreat.